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great value to the stock raisers of the country. This has been especially
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The following combination is frequently used locally in the
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Dr. Malcolm Morris, F.R.C.S.Ed., Surgeon to the Skin Depart-
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division of the contracted tissues can be performed, followed by the
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uct of other cultivations of the germ, with still longer intervals, the
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on so many of the tables, of those who aspire to the highest success in the prac-
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. „ ^ , ., ^ Y ^^^^ ^,1 parts of the body. Now if those luber-
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undertaken at the Pathological Institute of the Univeisity of Leipzg,
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virulent germ for a series of generations with a very restricted supply
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ing is digestion ! To digest ? Do you know what it means ? It is to have the
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embodiments of perfect charity and nobility of feeling. They are
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the secretions are kept out by filling the cavity with a little
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Under physical evolution, might be treated the changes in form, size, position
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may continue active after the leg hag been amputated. May it not
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ease, or may the contagion exist under. the various forms of micrococ-
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SIUM IODIDE— In Medicine, 1898, page 473, Ohmann-Dumesnil recommends
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ages to the seat of inoculation, when they led to gangrene of a limited
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and by the filthy personal habits and imperfect public sanitation
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its early stages. There is no relation between the two diseases.
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Having learned what its tendencies are we are better prepared to assist nature
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cardiac region. He had night sweats and fever. Was much depressed generally.
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morbid fancies was that he mast bum the church building in which he officiated
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with pumice-stone, and if tender pro- ^f ^e or some other powder. The soles
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(0 ^k^ ^PHIT'ST^ 2?t^gfe ^m ciq^lftf^fllfiT I AV. 5,.
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pig killed the same day at Horseheads. It seemed important to test
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by posting such notice in the office of the corporation and
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subjected to the risk of septic infection from sores on their bodies, I de-
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* * * All children in the first few days after birth lost five or
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that last only a moment and may pass unnoticed for a long time may be followed
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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Bate of Interest.
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these cases saved a secondary operation to close up a biliary fistula.
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half, making delivery possible without mutilation of the fetus.
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joint has slight motion, is painless, and there is very little shortening. Two cases
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Professor Emeritus of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in Harvard
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foreign substance can be removed from the ear by means of syringing.
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found that under it pneumonia is more liable to extend ; that the shock of cold
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ust and September. A teaspoonful will completely quiet the paroxysmal pain
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employment of large wet dressings will permit the removal of patients to proper
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pleural cavity, we would have more recoveries. Tuberculosis is always with us,
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(i) The modifications of the five primal elements constitute
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si^cle, et qui renferment des pr^ceptes pour preparer les sulfures
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striking. ... It will be seen that where- ed was a proper remedy and was effec-
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France, Great Britain and Canada. Edited byjudson Daland, M. D.. Philadelphia: J.Mitchell
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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending
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vided in this section, the board of directors shall cause an
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Answers to this question shows that all profession in Memphis and this territory
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not to exceed six months, with the right in the city to immediately
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the upper lid. The breast, sheath, and adjacent parts of the abdomen, the perineum,
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Plates from I to V inclusive — Lesious and microscopical appearances iu