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as neuralgic pain in the head, pain in the stomach, aphonia, palpitation of the
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region, and darting, lancinating pains in the small part of the back
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as calx of brass, but I know not on what authority.
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3. Every hasty endeavor, therefore, is not only unnecessary, but can become
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sion, and announce loudly an important item of progress. We fear
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I to 2,000 were instilled into the ear warm after syringing daily for ten days. At
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books, during
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gratulation to think that science, ever beneficent, is so strongly and successfully
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Take a hypodermic syringe and find the sensitive point, or
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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year
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case of empyema, and believing that it possesses an antiphlo-
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possible means should be employed to correct the position of the organ. Endo-
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there is a rule of 27 years standing, refusing to admit pregnant
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was applied on large pieces of gauze and the dressing renewed
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*Beitrage zur Biologie ds Pflanzen B. I., H. Ill, p. 148.
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the local application of methyl salicylate to the joints in rheumatic affections.
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neous manifestations, having a definite course and due to a specific
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scientific and to be preferred is the French system, as the practitioners in America
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continuous traction of the tongue for one and one-half minutes.
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Medical Times, are amenable to treatment by applying static
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