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The two District meetings were most satisfactory. The summer meet

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rare and exceptional cases of scarlatina and small pox when serious

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different death rate might be anticipated if small pox

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Royal Jennerian Society related that a father called on

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nitic and covered with a very confluent eruption of rosy lenticulai

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the field that such accidents arc by no means rare

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cases that one can in part attribute the spinal symptoms to con

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Court and Calmell Buildings. He further stated that

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As small pox and cow pox mutually exclude one another it seems

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patients so unfavourably placed as the wretched children who from

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the whole tongue is then scarlet and swollen and the papillse rise

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the Children s Hospital Eue de Sevres. Consequent upon an attack

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was greatly interested in Charlotte and took an active interest in the

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the disease including the prodromic period is very variable ranging

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admission. An acute disease in which the mortality is less than

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swollen glands he examined the throat and found that the pharynx

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false membrane. The nature of the disease was thus demonstrated

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Health said that although he had tried both varieties of

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cold and felt very much knocked up. Next day however she

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