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civil service will do much to abate the evil, and to place the administra-
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of 21 per cent. In Algiers, there were 180 liver abscesses to looi cases of dysen-
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hogs were dying of cholera on his farm near the city, and kindly gave
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closed by sutures, save a small opening through which the ligature passed and
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Dr. Zd. II. Skraup. It no longer causes a ripple of excitement in
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practised on a large scale, but at present the trade
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the blessed consciousness of being a minister who has done every-
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,
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the provisions of sections sixteen and eighteen, or under lsssfii^l 8.
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mia in which gonococci were noted in the discharge.
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and customs of the average resident of that city, overwork his mind
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pany it, and especially " ulcers of the tonsils," the exact analogne of
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congestive stages. By this power to close the upper part of the tympanum upon
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trary, an unclean surgeon is more dangerous, by far, than the disease. The early
valium side effects youtube
end.; Br. T. H. Elliott,' with end.; Dr. A. Y. Shelley, with
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age. Nearly 25 per cent, of all my cases died — nearly 33 per cent, of cases oper-
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the chemical products of the growing swine-plague germ, though the
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minutes by bending the head toward the healthy side. The in-
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three cubic centimeters, injected hypodermically, did not in the least
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Industrial evolution would comprise the subjects of clothi-'g, occupations,
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the young physician a rapid growth of clientele and much income for a decade.
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per month accredited to epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis and also there has
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Let us now see what are the causes which determine this singular
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enrolling nearly a third of the practitioners of this section ought to be
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Lauder Brunton on some forms of abdominal pain. Dr. Thomas H. Stuck y, of
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greatly improved facilities which the medical college is offering to its
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"The copper-plate of Madanapala which has just been
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to the general belief among surgeons that the knife is always the proper remedy
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trustee holding money or other personal property for any
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