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or homicide. These instinctive tendencies exist potentially in every mind and

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brother while they lay in bed at night. Repeated punishing having done no

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Mr. A. O. H.. Philadelphia. — For the information yon desire,

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Both of these conclusions were still further strengthened by the results

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which, except in boyhood, are not often found in the male sex."

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know how to dispense with, the patient comes to his senses fully and

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50. After cleaning, keep utensils, inverted, in pure air, and sun if possible,

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K C3«„5^i ,-r,f^^„ T,„-„~ V, i I. i.. of this committee to consult with the mem-

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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 1 1| per cent., 11,947 10 1

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morbid inclination which comes, so to speak, to announce itself; and

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Galium Aparine, (Goose Grass) has come to the front again, this

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patients who would otherwise be forced ^^^ -^^^ ^^^. ^^ ^^^^^^j ^^ l^^l^ ^^^

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Ishikana, in a paper on the materials containing tannin used in Ja-

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soreness and irritation, and the tendency seems to be to become

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uterine congestion by mechanical obstruc- made to summarize the heretofore ex-

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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending

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self that his mental vigor was distinctly impaired. There are some chronic

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of epilepsy are closely related to changes vertebral arteries and the injury to the

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boms ; appeaiance of drowoed peraons* and often monstrosities ; the

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May nth, 1897, I was called in consultation by Dr. Wm. Brill, of this city, to see

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Ciba may be administered. "'"^ "*"'" '!"" ""V^"" -vaxictu picK-

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ranged, and the amount due to each. The auditor shall