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closer we may always discern the connecting thread." — "Journ.

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tected with cotton from the saliva, and frequently changed. It is rapidly destruc-

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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 252

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Board of Health, together with Statements in Proof and other Mat-

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sixty days from the date of such notice such corporation

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nal principal that Schenck's theory is based. He holds that a prolonged course of

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" I begged him to go to his apothecary, have the tincture evapo-

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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-

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The highest temperature during the year was 93^, September 21st; and the

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The January, 1894, number of Ihe Quarterly Journal of Inebriety y published

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Marson, David A., 4839, Mendocino City, Dec. 8. 1897.

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was a case of undoubted epilepsy, at first mild or petit mal, the cause of which, or

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forestalls sequelae, it shortens the disease, ameliorates the symptoms, and cats

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was inoculated June 3 by forcing pellets of this cotton wool under the

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jM^y 28.— Hen has a temperature of 1094° P.; comb 'and gills pale,

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others. This was accomplished in a quiet manner, if possible, per-

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patients with hip disease, if unmolested, were in all, except the most advanced

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{Extracts from an Address at the Opening of the Leeds School

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Elderberry wine, may be found in almost any agricultural

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attached to the door of the business place of the accused, and at his

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would rarely produce the deformity so characteristic

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HOL. — {Monthly Cycloped. of Practical Medicine ^ January editorial.) Dr.

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Resolved, that the Permanent Secretary shall within thirty days after this

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arid and pallid, had become moist and rosy ; air was traversing the nostril freely,

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caused by its increase gradually extended towards the surface, while a whitish deposit, '

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from a hepatitis but the_cystic or tet- ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ last-mentioned

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Finally, considering some special conditions where selections must be made,

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country, and especially from the medical profession of The Caro-

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I have been forcibly struck with the small per cent, of suicidal

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ovaries and pelvic organs, for some cause for this persistent condition, but failed to

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meeting in Liverpool, Dr. Samuel Gee, of St. Bartholomew's Hos-

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they refuse all intercourse with their husbands when enciente, and they continue

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account for it. The thickening was so insignificant,

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but no vision, yet the tunics, so far as I can discern, are perfect. The pupillary

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glossy is mr/du ; that which expands with difficulty

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