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of the American Society of Medical Sociology, President
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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-
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and tent divisions, of 5,200 beds, and was as well equipped as any similar institu-
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Minutes of this Society, and a copy of the same be sent to the family
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disguise its odor and taste. The new form in which we now
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Children," by Dr. L. Bruns; ** Melancholia of Leprosy,** by Albert S. Ashmead,
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by preventing all possible entrance of fresh air ; besides frequently burning a gas
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butter, and the dififerent varieties of cheeses are due to the kinds of bacteria that
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It is pleasanter, somehow, to think of him as resting in the church
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agency, and not the result of disease ; while from the standpoint of medical
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practised by Biedel and Kraus is more important. I believe that the appearance
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L.L.D., Indianapolis, Ind. From Amer. Gynec. and Obstet. Jour., Feb., 1898.
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would increase in size until it would become the body of the cluster,
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INTERNATIONAL CLINICS: A quarterly of clinical lectures on Medicine,
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former the pain is often one-sided, in the latter usually two-
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anatomy, pathology, etiology, theories, gigantism, diagnosis and treatment of
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sometimes they increase the alkaline saliva. Alkalies proper are of temporary
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Cerebral diiid meningeal TheMmeXxsmyVrhil^ more rare forms, or complications,
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Treatment. For the alleviation of this trouble it is important that one remem-
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be imitated artificially, but it is far more important to insure the completeness of
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For while its effiect on the vaso-motor nerves may be measurably neu-
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may be found 36 hours before the membrane is formed. In addition to the use
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city, will be found in the numbers of the Medical and Surgical
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provement has resulted. It should be given in doses of from
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tions of various size and number. In one case a fibrinous plug had
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ciently parallel, to justify us in seeking for a ra-
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 648
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and holding this view of it we should certainly expect to find it
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world. As the "guinta essentia'^ this played an immense role
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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-
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it was considered important to encase the head and the pelvis in the plaster of
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the nohle science of healing, by your devotion to your new undertaking, the most competent will be the loudest to affirm. ■%
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1. Flushing of the face is a common sign of the approach of
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