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pelvic abscess, but sometimes ending in recovery after a prolonged and tedious

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Joseph H. O'Neil, President. David Bates, Treasurer.

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tion — a yellowish or dark tinge — which is fol-

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in the educated Negro as compared with the uneducated.

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extreme. Daily vomiting and pain had reduced her to a condition of serious

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J. A. MacMillan recommends rectal tampons in atonic con-

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cient guide as to the necessity of paracentesis, and sometimes inspection of the

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Dr. John W. Eldred, Dr. Lewis Van Sickle, with encl.; Dr. Alfred

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Amount invested in real estate for banking purposes, $20,000 00

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in cases in which there was wide separation after reduction, and one operator had

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Comby sums up the physiological effect of cold on the body functions, in these

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There is yet no known pathology of epilepsy though there is hardly any pathol-

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to us ; one whose life was simple, honest and true, devoted to advancement and

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children under four years of age great confusion in diagnosis often arises in the

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suspected, and a careful investigation of the case made. If the urates

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warm weather hold it in a tank of fresh, cold water.

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duced from a river, especially from the Yamuna. See Garbe's

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solution of 1 per cent, of carbolic acid or of borate of

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