Is Valium A Schedule 2 Drug

practical Treatise on the Diseases of Women and Their Treatment by Slectricity. By G.

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Dr. Eichardson, in 1865, showed that the sero-sanguineous fluid from

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clinic, the splint is used without the leather sides. In this clinic, after complete

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is valium a schedule 2 drug

of the changes occurring in the latter during fever may be readily

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iris and the crystalline lens. When first called to see an injury of the eye, hav-

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tr^ck of conditions that will mark an era in our knowledge of the pathology of

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tom. Contains micrococci single and in couples, clusters and chains ; also bacilli-

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tion. It is not too much to say that of all the pharmacopoeias which

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am led to these remarks because it is quite the fashion in this country,

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VOMITING OF PREGNANCY.— (/^wf^. Jour, Med. Sc, June, 1898). Dr. C.

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tents and of the stool; increased pen- ^ . . . ,..5

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deusis gives perfect satisfaction in gonorrhea and gleet/ have used it in cases with •

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whether accompanied by a rupture of the external integument or not. In the

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caused by its increase gradually extended towards the surface, while a whitish deposit, '

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requiring examination, demands protracted time, proper apparatus,

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there is any borrowing in the case, the latter were most probably

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to be incised turns perfectly white. If the incision is made before the skin is

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as they are in the literature which children are allowed to read. According to

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priate treatment, apparently having been attempted, with the

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the word vdta ever means * wound ' has not sustained itself : vita

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treatment, listerine alone orlisterine, aqua cinnamon and glycerine, or listenne,

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the epithelium becomes loosened, so that it is easily rubbed off, sometimes by the

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A method of using quinine locally in typical cases of hay

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their friends who leave the institution to querors that have ever graced (or more

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at a lower ratio. A child should double its birth-weight in the first

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Administer small initial doses of calomel, preceded by a

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date. It is known as the *' Hippocratic Frame,** and consists of long, narrow

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be regarded as an extravaganza of the old alchemists. Professor

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Professor Clohn Milton Bigelow, of Albany Medical College, states: *'Piatrs

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ference between the output in the first lies in the matter of higher medical edu-

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emptied itself, and in a urine which was never excessively alkaline, seemed to

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heads : 1st. The virulence and fatality of the swine-plague germ is increased

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*ReaU before the Los Ani^lea County Medical Association, March 18, 189$.

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In diseases of the chest I have seen good results with the use of cold in bron-

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