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The septic vibrio of Pasteur and the different pathogenic organisms

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coloring matter contained in it, quinine was distinctly visible, by its

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savings bank violating the provisions of this section shall

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2) " Principles of Chemistry," Vol. II. p. 54<png. trans, ed.

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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year

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that daily applications are necessary. Advantages are its comparative painless-

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and, when finally we are on the scent of alcoholism, it is in watching

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for the cure you have made of my daughter. Oh ! if I had had the happiness to

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experimented a great deal, and systematized his ob-

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Dr. Wm. T. Strothbr^ of Los Olivos has removed to Los Alamos,

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interest or income, if any, upon said property received on

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The Chondrosomes and Phosophorus Poisoning detention of arsenic, after injections of

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fibrile reaction, but this did not protect the system from the deadly

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during that period, and assigned to members of the class, will

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expenses and losses incurred during the year in the man-

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no satisfactory connection or identity has been shown to exist between

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generation, aud that in no case were any symptoms or a fatal result pro-

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of prostatitis, with loss of virile power in elderly men, I find its action superb. In

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Pyrites — Brass from Calmine and Copper Mistaken for

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The patient being slightly chloroformed, with my finger in the

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'•Diseases of the Male Urethra'* should have been re-penciled by the editor to

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operation invoKing the peritoneal cavity cecum, and opening it (juickly, doing

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sened ; the wings droop ; the bird becomes inactive. Frequently a good

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puerperal fever, consisting of Schroder, Lohlein, A. Martin,

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an "acid reaction, and it did not contain any special features that

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ton, with encl.; Dr. L. S. Blackwell; Dr. C. Taggart, with encl.

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doctor has said. I can recall 13 oases I have seen in Los Angeles ; aine wete

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plague. The cover thus prepared was then inverted over a Brunswick

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did before the fistule took place. She took three times a day the

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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 17,780

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tions, some of which have been recog- involve the greater curvature and draw

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are now reported by eminent neurologists, in which patients, bedridden in some

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grown too big to endure it with comfort. The spine was perfectly straight and

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Moutoux, Joseph E., 4795, Oakland, Louisville Med. Coll., Ky., Mar. 35, 1896.

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of this section shall not impair any right relative to such

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very limited supply of air and the retardation of putrefaction afford

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tering like a ferment into the genital canal of the puerperal woman