Valium Schedule Ii

Sponge the parts affected with a 2-per-cent. solution of hux-
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viz., bromide potash, ergot, ferrum, digitalis, belladonna and cimicifuga, with
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virus of a sufficiently malignant type to use in his experiments ; that
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(i) Concretions found in the gall bladder of the ox.
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labors, engages the physician early in the pregnancy, giving an opportunity to
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other bromides, but much smaller doses would suffice. Five to seven
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investments in authorized loans of the United States or
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Many Physicians have requested us to prepare it in a form
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illustrations. Philadelphia, P. Blakiston, Son & Co., loia Walnut street. 1S9S. Price, $1.50.
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perienced in getting a sufficient hold of the blood-
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must be a great improvement on the military surgery of the past. In hospitalA
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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :
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ject, Prof. Macdonell very properly points out "the dangers of the
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that it will be found l>etter to resort to soap and water, used
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Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Bate of Interest.
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The slow pulse of jaundice is rarely seen in hepatic abscess ; most cases have a
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Hampshire County National Bank, Northampton, $12,100 00
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Incorporated March 4, 1835. Present number of corporators, 23.
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breast. An early diagnosis will save many f^^^i^^ation of the Tubercle Bacillus in
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The fourteenth year of the Medical College opened very auspiciously,
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Incorporated April 15, 1846. Present number of corporators, 29.
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urine, in whom iron produced headache and otherwise disagreed, the
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fifteen minutes. Both remained in good health till September 17, when
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hopes of a successful issue not a little. She again did well for two months more,
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It was the reviewer's lot for three years after graduation to teach the ancient
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"Morphine and atropine soon relieved the paroxysm, and,
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banks were large owners of the stock ; while the latter may be
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tracks and openings branching off from each other, and all may communicate
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ammonia, and perhaps ether; then, if the patient live long enough
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S. Scales, Wm. Ingalls, M. A. Harrison, W. P. Weselhoeft, W. E.
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own. In this room is one bed which they are to occupy. The young man
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and symptoms of pleurisy, says: "In the course of symp-
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the jaw. It allows a fair amount of freedom to the head, a factor which is
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The character of the pulse in different persons is a sliding scale,