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"7. The leucoc3rtes are largely the bearers of foreign bodies from the peritoneal
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practitioners; and, at this moment, I have under my care a lady,
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walls, but I do wish to assert with impressive emphasis that our education to be
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atropine and glonoin, ^/^^o grain each. This remedy has proved
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TYPHOID FEVER yields more readily to TYPHOID VACCINE than to
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surface, but also a lar^e amount of blood from the circulation contained in the
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a soft-rubber pus-syringe. When the discharge no longer blocks
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Rule of III. I. There are three layers of membranes surrounding the brain,
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of a case, in which a benevolent country surgeon, aided by two or
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hypochondrinm and immediately vomited a large amount of pus, after which
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tion, a safer couchision could be reached as to whether this orgamsui
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of micro-organism in the urine after having been injected into the blood -current,
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wholly change the entire staff of a large Statistics — Dr. Carl V. Reynolds, Ashe-
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health and happiness of the parties concerned." Spencer Wells, on the con-
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** 5. Whenever it is necessary to do a general ablation, and the cervix uteri is
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lowest 32®, December 20th. It was above 80® on 22 days .
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literature of his latter days. Let the young people have fiction if they wish it;
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should be reported, so that all new signs, phenomena, etc., may be noted and be
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uterus, which in early life is normally anteflexed has not developed sufficiently
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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend J 2 per cent., $98,430 26 ) .qq -qq 0fl
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the master, and not the servant, of his sciences. Those practitioners
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go on untreated the vomiting becomes the diet should be made in both cases.
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I very much regret. We, of San Jacinto valley, are too far out to learn much and
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banks and trust companies, with the names t>f such banks
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proposed as an oxytoxic: (1) It must considers ulceration of the stomach a
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danger to life or health, solely from observations made in the treatment of Pott*s
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poor patients. When the individual can afford an apparatus, the
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spinous salvarsan therapy, for the be- reason a cod liver oil product that is not
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rated with one ounce of distilled water, and to this was added what blood
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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-
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while. I then made a long incision down to the bone. This did no good and on
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numerous enough to occasion extreme heart, kidney or nerve lesions. Antitoxin
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dilution of the blood — an accident quite impossible in hypodermoclysis or
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epileptic xn^ not show in a single day, from the gay and gentle cheerfulness and
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 106
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9. How many cases of puerperal mania resulted from the abortions classed in
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No. 50 North Seventh Street, will be contiuued by MRS
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in the urine. Another very instructive phogp^ate should be given before meals,
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involvement of the esophagus was so extensive, interference could not be enter-
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dermic injection, with one cubic centimeter each of virus, that had been
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of the nerve fibres of the cord and brain : (3) no changes, or but slight ones
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tissues of the body back to the heart, which trip it makes on an average once every
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larynx which have been published. These are by Professor Czermak,