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been answered in the affirmative by conclusive clini-

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in acute inflammatory conditions unless very closely watched and changed often,

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occur, since those muscles which have directly to do with respiration come in,

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hemorrhages, blood states, peripheral nerve injuries, etc. Dr. Bevan Lewis

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N ewburyport Five Cents Savings Bank — Continued.

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Date of examination by commissioner : September 25, 26.

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The live)- is dark bluish red and friable. The gall lladdm- is full, but not over-dis-

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of the uterus. I used the Whitb Extract per vagina as a local treatment for

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Dr. D. E. Bidwell; Dr. 0. S. Hickok; Dr. N. Greyson Hall; Dr.

crise de manque valium

which should only be used when preceded by venesection for the withdrawal oi a

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and that will be able to rapidly transport them to land. However useful these

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as swelling may be present, and may disappear, leaving the bandage loose, or

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very slight wound of th« cornea may be a very serious thing, for they are more

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single day, in each of which would be several hundred microscopic

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death not infrequently within 24 hours. It is to be differentiated from tubercular

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Its tendency is ra^lKr towards recovery than death ; the former being usually

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of blood were lost. The opening in the artery was visible, ami l lie

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very soluble in water. It was given in solution or in pill, in from

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•chosen language discusses private matters which are apt to be persistently

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Dr. Koch has demonstrated, " to a certainty, that that fell dis-

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Each tablespoonful represents three grains of the chloride.

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there is a great area which does not con- found to be charcoal. Mr. Green there-

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are likewise present, of similar size and form, in the 'cement,'

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within thirty-six hours, the urine being loaded with albumen." —

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by four lancet punctures, with blood that had been heated to 160° F.

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sick a day. Father and mother both living, 73 and 71. Meat eaters and rheu-

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wounds of the subclavian, in which surgical intervention was justi-

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movements of the patient, while protecting the bed-sore from

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there. Is it wondered at that even boys shrink from going to the ordinary closet

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author states that even under normal conditions nearly one-half

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noticed. The probable reason for this is that antimony has been

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