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these schools be besieged with great Somme, which do not form part of the
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the greatest difficulty he is conveyed to his house, and got into his
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Incorporated April 2, 1860. Present number of corporators, 45.
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and the child is in perfect health. I consider Papine one of our most valuable
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and for this reason the watering troughs and feeding places must be
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convulsions its action depends on the general relaxation produced. The dose
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Dr. Parker : There is danger in the sudden removal of a large amonnt of fluid.
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These patients were at first treated with iodide of potassium, salicin, and arse nic,
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Dr. Berneike reported the case of a man who had a supposed polypus in his
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(not connected with the exanthemata), the process is often slow, subacute, the
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Association and American Climatolo^ical Association; assistant physician of the Orthopedic
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alienists have been searching, nor is it to be solved by the coining of new nomen-
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(loc. cit). and does nothing more ; our view is that
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and so on, to a gross, grosser, or grossest mass of
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The conclusion that I would draw from the study of these cases of recurrence
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So constantly were these observations made, the unprotected condition of the
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applied either to the skin, or by using a wax-coated paper
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(i) Green vitriol. (2) Stibnite. (3) namely, black pepper,
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present a first instalment of it in its necessarily de-
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in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine to do busi-
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This apparatus is so constructed that the head and arm bars swivel independ-
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are the active agents of putrefaction, and without them no decomposi-
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In the above ^loka, rasa is used in the sense of chyle. Again : —
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caseation of a minute lymphatic gland therein and if it was the latter, what
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form, and so far as that was concerned, I might live for years. Cholera I had
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there should be graduated registers, so arranged that the cold, heavy air, as the
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titles of the chapters : I. Nature and varieties of neurasthenia. II. Evolution
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of lukewarm water, and I directed glycozone mixed with an equal amount of
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above for any State or City, will please address me.
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training as assistant in the clinic of this great teacher. I may thus be privileged
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the attention of the reader is directed, are the following: "Aphthous
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tuberculous spondylitis should be reconsidered. From a medico-legal standpoint,
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other cases, especially where there is a pale tongue, and flatu-
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and then apply either the official black wash or calomel oint-
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Bacillus, which he describes, and which he has gone so far as to classify
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of causes of death and suggestions concerning the physician's certifi-
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Rate and amount of each 6emi-annual dividend J 2 per cent., $7,608 50 ) , - R q fi „k
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had progressed too far, some of the obstetrical operations might have been per-
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easily delivered in both cases, without instruments. Have had one case of