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ation of the bowels should be obtained by administering a cold

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perfectlv dilated with no distention of I wish to mention that in making my

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tack was produced by an outburst of in- life necessarily calls for a certain knowl-

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In 187V the Berlin Obstetrical Society appointed a committee on

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tractures, and, if possible, correct deformities. In many cases a plaster of Paris

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5. Cerebral abscesses, most commonly the sequelae of gunshot wounds.

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mouth is distended to its widest extent, the body and

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tion has been made by Charles B. Gibson, P.H.G., one of the

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the name of ^i^'or^g'^iT. The language is faulty and

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influence on the health of animals, or even how they can reproduce

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erty existed in his former condition, his ignorance was not exhibited

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Number of days with .01 inch or more of precioitution,

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been in domestic use amongst the Russian peasantry, for the eure

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delivery may be accomplished with safety to both mother and child, and the

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cases there was only the finely granular matter containing the larger

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according to their own inclinations on milk and garden produce, and abstain from

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bladder are loosened from the uterus until the anterior roof of the vagina is

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chanical supports are not to be encour- rubbed night and morning with alcohol

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nature when he was incompetent to do from the local view point,

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To produce sleep and composure. To allay convulsions and spasmodic action.

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(Regular meetinf^, April. 39, 189S, the president in the chair.)

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white cloths next to his body and bring these to me when they w T ould

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S'o. 1, containing ylJ/ 2 oz. Grouud Stop, hottlcs,

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Cooper, but to Dr. M. H. Henry, of this city, is due the credit

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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend J 1| per cent., $453,166 13 | g^- -Qg -g

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accumulations of which are included in the sum above named.

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8. Give varieties of uterine fibroid, and their medical and surgical treatment.

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cells. Many of the suggestions he makes, which we have omitted,

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long standing caste it may be thick and firm, almost cartilaginous, but in general

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weeks on the Pacific slope. man, made a model presiding officer and

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sent. Let all members heartily support whomsoever the society elects.

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then, are the pathogenic agent, we cannot expect a weaker solution than 2 per cent.

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notice, enable us to offer it with confidence to the Medical Pro-

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Put vourself for a moment in the posi- , u , r.r-^.r^,^f ,t i nev

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normal. The next day the patient was able to tell her own storyj

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*'I have never read a medical work from which I derived so much profit as from

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state in the pregnant cases no excess of hydrochloric acid is

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the cough is brought on by mechanical irritation. Again, there is the parox3rs-

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tances, and have continued their subscriptions. A few have ordered

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of them. The four-year medical course has come to stay, the next step

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atrophy of the parenchyma, including its vascular supply, malignant tumors

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quicksilver extracted from it is as efficacious as killed