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This Establishment, erected at great expense for the business,
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The radiograph of the other case. (Fig. 3) lends force to this argument, for here
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10. What are the important features of a well-made record? 11. Describe the
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have examined and have thorough notes bility anywhere despite the paraesthesiae
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tumors, obstetric operations and septic infection. Rightfully used, a careful com-
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at least once in each year, and whenever they consider it
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that by inoculating one hundred ordinary fowls, we would have seventy-
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debility of warm weather, the following stomachic: —
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numerous fraternal lodges, formed only by accidental ties, meet
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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-
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In 1874, Colin § demonstrated that there was a wide difference in the
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are common both to adult and child, while one or two are peculiar to the age of
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perature at 7 a. m., 104° F. Died at 7.40 a. m., or six days after inocu-
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half of his deposit ; and the deposit and the book of the i8ra?57,°§ i-
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hand, there is very little or no danger to the patient.
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2 shares Berkshire Loan and Trust Co., Pittsfield, 150 00
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subsequently became reduced in size and less painful.
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to the tubes prepared as before, in the proportion named.
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name of religion. If the tubercle bacillus His parents were George F. and Ruhama
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the individual health officers who has had ^^ Realization And right at this point,
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bed the greater part of the time in order to rest, as they too often are subjected to
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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 509
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depression, delirium, dry black-coated tongue, picking at the
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flavor, and so is readily taken by the most sensitive patient
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" I saw him about 7 o'clock the next morning and received the following report :
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