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(3) Not easy to identify ; lit., it means white stone or marble.

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will cease under the new Charter to have any membership therein.

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Maximum velocity of wind, direction, and date, 15m, W., 30.

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habitues, that they have not yet divulged, The late Dr. Owen

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The method proposed by Dulles in his very valuable paper on this

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"It will, I have no doubt, be objected that, after all, successful

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(2) Prof. H. H. Wilson in a Note appended to a paper by

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Net income received from same during year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . . 204 34

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(i) A few more recipes are given, in all of which orpiment

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to the new home which his medical brethren and heirs have provided,

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meat is very prone to formation of virulent ptomaines, evidenced by fatal cases

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reforms in municipal sanitation, having succeeded, after many years of persistent

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Here, then, appears to be good evidence that the germs of the disease

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Holmes, with end.; Dr. S. B. Himer, with end.; Dr. W. Web-

does provigil cause migraines

Dr. 6. E. Eichmond reports two cases of dysentery in which

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more severe, vomitus becomes blood or other similar porridges, or yolk of

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that if the patient were subjected to such treatment as indicated above, the spasm

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room, scarcely able to raise his head, gagging and straining constantly, bringing

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lower ones are related to the deeper structures and are generally found to become

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Incorporated April 16, 1853. Present number of corporators, 67.