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Delirium tremens, large doses of digitalis in, 545.
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Fig. 3.— Cretacarious Tubercles; a a, tubercular cells
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the winter months, and at Saratoga Springs in the summer. Dr.
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has been used with almost uniform success in treatment of tape-
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a very closely allied species, the S. micrurus, infests the bronchi of
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His experience leads him to regard its effects in rlngioorrn as in-
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The right heart and large veins contain large clots of a very dark color.
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It is positively remarkable how quickly and thoroughly the grippe is eradicated
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ordinary virus, sixty-nine would take the disease, and of these sixty-
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assume a radiating position and the extremity of these radiating fibres presents an
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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend J 2 per cent., $14,193 60 J ffi28 q™ „.
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would hold considerable moisture normally, but the little moisture in the cold
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•obtained by the performance of chemical operations
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pipes between. .This system requires less fuel and is more easily managed after
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Z. W. Saunders; Santa Maria, Dr. O. P. Paulding; Los Alamos,
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preparations are used in, are of a chronic type, and those that require patience to
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out end, previously ]iassed through the flame of an alcohol lamp, into
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ment of the nipple, enlargement of the pudendum; everything indi-
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conceded to Egypt. Personally I think that they are quite in
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longer than the right; the operated leg therefore being 1.4 c. m. longer than the
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was immediately accelerated, not by the slight loss of blood from the abdominal
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cal purposes it is better to employ herring pickle in its prepara-
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fractures, both of the wound, always accessible by removal of the bandages, and
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and Supporters; Syringes of every descriptton ; Galvanic Bat-
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Tuesday in January and July ; payable on the following day.