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demonstrate any definite anatomical defect. This predisposition consists in a lack

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Association, of the Philadelphia State Medical Society, of the Philadelphia County Medical

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Incorporated April 2, 1834. Present number of corporators, 35.

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she happens to take a glass of wine or taste any sort of alcoholic drink whatever.

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Fiat Pattern, with Pockets in Front, and Black Patent

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thetic and to keep a close watch as to the condition of the patient.

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ciency is more rapidly reached and is more difficult to overcome." And finally,

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or in any way interfere with the free escape of urine and pus.

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The general subject of wounds and their treatment will be omitted from con-

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anterior portion of the vaginal outlet; so disagreeable did this sen-

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strengthen the abdominal muscles. Mcissage may empty the stomach and so be

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Fracture of lower maxillary ununited, treatment of,

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Kern, "Geschichte des Buddhismus'* inlndien, ii, 445,

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Editorial in Journal American Medical Association, Dec. 3, 1898.

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attempt to force the hand through the contraction ring before the pain subsides,

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galaxy of gold and silver medals (fifty "First Prizes" won, over

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of the five subjects of the senses, viz.y that which

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sonorous, and mucous and submucous rhonchi, and scarcely a trace

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it of more value than the persistence of backache, headache, or

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gold of course is left behind. The general belief is that by associa-

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teeth constituted the refrain of writers. Dr. Patrick Blair, in a

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