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Pamphlets which contain the ISeiv Bides for Amputations,

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Journal Arrears. — Accounts will be sent out about the same

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Plymouth County Safe Deposit and Trust Company, Brockton,

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ducts of their laboratory, including preparations of the newer reme-

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in children, the morbid type of which their parents have offered an

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page in a medical paper for a big red-lettered anonymous advertise-

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the prompt dressing of wounds. In these respects the wounded at sea will fare

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shows hypovitality and a marked decrease in functional power.

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Tube No. 32: 1 to 500. Same appearance as No. 31. Cont.iins clusters of micrococci

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truth. This is largely due to the kind of literature that is read by the children.

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find a surplus of some numbers, of which some of our collabo-

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newspapers and magazines, is one advis- there is no prospect of failure ; on the con-

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the sick-room,'' and Garfield said : '* I have sometimes thought that we cannot

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pushing the nourishment. Gastro-intestinal irritation, with the attendant accum-

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found around the vessels accompanying the sweat-ducts.

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the first 24 or 48 hours, and the patient seems to suffer more from shock during

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method. The trauma produced by the forcible entrance of air against the inflamed

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Jacobi recommends the following treatment: A syphilitic

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says that '* every man would be a poet if his digestion were perfect." Byron,

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ceed five per cent of the last preceding valuation of the

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September 26.— Eeceive a second injection of two cubic centimeters

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return of the laryngeal symptoms which obliged recourse again

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Iodide of potash, however, is not fatal to the actinomyces. They grow quite

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of the two arches are slip|:ed 3-16 inch steel wires, bent to form four uprights.

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Refersmjes :— Dr E. Gurney Smith, Dr. John Neill, Dr. An-

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city unite in demanding for the health department these much needed

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