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Very evidently this boy*s leg has developed as fast as its fellow.
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and in a week or ten days the patient is able to go about again.
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eral thicknesses of absorbent gauze and laid over the surface,
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the overacting muscle. Wearing of prisms may give temporary relief but no
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Open for business every business day except Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 12 m. ; 2 to 4 p.ji
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introduced in considerable quantity into the mouth, under the skin, and
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its fatal power. This was still further supported by the observation
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bone— necessitating the removal of fragments leaving an area of brain exposed.
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between interference and neglect. The illustrations are all new cmd original-
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spasticity of the muscles; the tendon re- sent. The Babinski reflex is positive on
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streets, does also give rise to diseases of the eye
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is present. The treatment is very unsat- -^ ^^^^ patient 1 cc. of Solution No. Ill
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Note— Pressure reduced to sea level. " T " indicates trace of precipitation.
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