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is to say, it contains a great excess of fibrin. If it be drawn by the

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tonitis, which at first I thought was septicemia, but on giving salicylates it

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impossible, in the interests of the mother, to do any operation that would save

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morphia and atropia, for about six hours, when we were gratified to see him bet-

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dropped and the appetite returned. The disturbances. Alopecia areata frequently

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placed upon the heart, not external, but endocardial pressure. Thus we see that

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The Association was called to order by the President, Dr. Ezra

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Salol Tablets," each tablet containing i\ grains antikamnia and 2} grains salol.

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rhage is secondary to chorio-retinitis mercurial treatment is indicated, and this affec-

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•'When the bladder is distended, the relation of the anterior sur-

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other respects. The glands are almond-shaped, firm, not sensitive, freely mova-

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as long as possible, hoping to reach the privacy of their homes ?

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Value, by books, of real estate, held or owned by foreclosure or otherwise, $6,984 37

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of the ossified portions of the epiphyses, scraping them carefully from the epiphy-

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tion, denoting the progressive onward passage of small stones,

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in strength to double the quantity of the alkaloid.

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Amount of investments from which no income is received, . . . 2,000 00

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while the system was still profoundly affected by the latter. The patient

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Ptomaines in Ice Cream. — Serious poisoning by ice cream

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that complete desiccation destroys the virus of glanders in fifteen days.*

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could be felt as well as heard, and the child was operated on the next day.