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5 shares National Bank of Fairhaven, Fairhaven, $300 00

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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year

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Scarlatina, pathognomonic sign of, 74 ; chlorate of

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Die Plastidendermederen Pflanzen, etc., 1878. j- o'

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next morning to come back, and he would have the other remedy.

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the left eye, which protruded a little. This man soon recovered, except vision

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the mouth, and not until convalescence was evidently near at hand

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tended heart, and all may be well ! Open one of those veins which

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that the affairs of the most importance to us as an organization have been intrusted

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eighteen to twenty-two, inclusive, section twenty-four,

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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,

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be prevented at these points for at least three or four days, when the

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circulars asking questions of the physicians of the State, and others

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absence of inoculation gave rise to ephemeral cases of hip disease which rapidly

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month, showing just what is being done, ^^^uting his labors with courageous

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address as though it were an original formulation of the ratio.

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vocates in this trouble 10 grains of quinine for a child from 7 to 14 years old.


Univ. Toronto, Ontario, Can., May 15, iS86 ; Royal Coll Pays., Lond., Oct. aS, 18S6.

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4 shares Hampshire County National Bank, Northampton, . . . $150 00

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1. Over the entire surface of the body and exposed mucous membrane, and

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withstanding a mortgage indebtedness on that part of its

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travels on a cold spring day; his dyspnoea is so much worse on the