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lowing summary I have therefore noted what methods have proved con-
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investment, who shall certify, according to their best ci. 1.
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been left uncovered by peritoneum, the plication to The French Lick Springs
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Tube No. 38 : 1 to 300 Liquid clear; a cloud of transparent substance resembling
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Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's OHice,
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aid of a stiff brush to the affected area (after this has dried
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cases in older children and adults, whether due to lack of mus-
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the statistician. Nevertheless, in the search for truth we are very dependent on
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to the growth of one variety. Thus, Nageli 1] has shown that if spores
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the basis of other data previously used, and not as the court of last resort when
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with infusion of beef and sterilized by heat. They were closed by rub-
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to still greater contraction ; spasmodic, if you like. I have never detected any
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The diet is regulated and for the first four days the patient
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J. E. H., Pennsylvania. — The Board of Medical Examiners
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(2) See the numerous passages quoted by Dr. Kunte in his
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One hepatized lobule near the posterior margin of the posterior lobe stands out dark,
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of Grod." Again, we have the beautiful simile, Here is another pure and holy precept for the
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