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tion, to the agricultural journals, Prairie Farmer, 111., the Ohio

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cast of the deformed foot taken, and send it by express to the

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times, the diamond is killed." This last recipe is also to be ^ound

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Net income received from same during year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . . 1,866 84

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slwuld be warned by his sad calamity, and abjure the use of the

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the tumor weighed 60 pounds. I tapped, removed fluid, and operated success-

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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,

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Vaughn's on diarrheal diseases is one of the most important and instructive.

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The weights in the diagram for each month of the first year had

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It is for these reasons that the double operation should be performed, and that

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gentlemen concerned in the work to wear very dark goggles to pro-

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administered, commencing with 1-500 milligram and increasing in a month to

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to be a fivorable one for forcible reduction. The child was in good health and

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more marked symptoms and a greater rise of temperature.

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distinctiTe features. First, a concise statement of the generally accepted truths

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A common and often efficient remedy is to place upon the

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working parents are likely to put you into a profession which, in

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the basis of other data previously used, and not as the court of last resort when

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presides over the uterine functions, but receives and transmits im-

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water to run from a sponge over the surface, apply the follow-

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and the other to the classification and management of insanity. It is a very clear

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Aurelian and Paulus scarely refer to the subject, Rhazes, the Ara-

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three friends, was himself maintaining a lady who had lost her sight,

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general conditions. Two months after our operation she had, at what would have

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This is a volume of considerable size containing 848 pages and quite fully illus-

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