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mastoid and intracranial complications. Preparatory to opera-
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diers in the field were hardy and made good recoveries from serious
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and whose road is located wholly or in part in the same
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not be very toxic; (2)it must respect the serious condition and fatal hemorrhage
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ject is pithy and direct, yet as extensive as the concise method will allow.
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a discharge of pus occurred. It was of a whitish color, creamy consistency, and
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was again inoculated, this time with milk, on which the virus had been
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by foreclosure of mortgage or by levy of execution shall
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destroyed in ten minutes at 50° 0. I at once determined to test the
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tetanus, erysipelas, septicemia and malaria, can be and should be
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Refehences : — Dr F. Gurney Smith, Dr. John Neill, Dr. An-
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of the two arches are slip|:ed 3-16 inch steel wires, bent to form four uprights.
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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 355
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boiled down, arranged and classified. This is just what Sajous and his collpborat-
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For Sai^e. — My house, six rooms, an acre of land set to choice
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Puerperal neuritis is comparatively rare and the cases are usually divided into
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marked rigidity, twitching, convulsions, coma, petechial and herpetic eruptions;
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The unconscious, or subjective mind, controls the involuntary acts of the body.
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the local irritation is much relieved; but, in order to prevent a
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Breast. By P. Diday, ex-Surgeon to the Hospital de l'Antiquaille,
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a fall in the blood-pressure, and considerable collapse in systolic
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laxative in the form of Hunyadi water, Seidlitz powder, or mag-
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germs which might have fallen on the surface o-f the liquid.
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until the surface is reestablished, it will better serve the pnrposv,
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of the fact that he knew it was to be used with the sick in public
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For the first six weeks the infant's mouth should be washed
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Incorporated March 28, 1900. Present number of corporators, 28.
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may be necessary. This treatment of the cystitis may require
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on the stomach, but for its collateral effect in mechanically clearing
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sumably, as we have attempted to show, not due to any real declina-
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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending
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caseation of a minute lymphatic gland therein and if it was the latter, what
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patience to harmonize them. However, the reports are useful,
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tual monopolies of India ; but there are classes of
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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :
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28). G. G. Marshall, M. D. In this class of cases, nitro-glycerine has proven an
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26. One of the most radical and valuable features of the new
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before the acute perforating stage is im^- ^ Each year there is an mcreasing nurn
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to three inches in diameter scattered over the surface of the body.
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loans shall be made in writing to the treasurer of the cor- to he in writing
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phide of gold is known which is of any other colour
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anti anxiety medication valium