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_ Skin is generally of a dark bluish red, the color heing especially deep on tlie umier

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have but little use for cod-liver oil, iron, tonics,

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portion of the adult population succumb. 4. That in consequence

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antipathy to quinine, was seized with a fever of a malarial type, and

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will be freer in their statements. There is no objection to this, of

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as unlocking a safe, when you understand place my patient on her left side, this

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suality. So it does when performed in a child, because it prevents

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cooled. This makes a normal saline solution containing 2

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tain number of cases I am sure that temporary mental disturbance within the first

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saved, good nature. native place, was graduated from the

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Presslich says that he has found a method which, for prac-

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normal shape and size; there is now only a slight perineal promi-

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Incorporated April 2, 1834. Present number of corporators, 45.

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special drugs or any special plan of treatment. The appearance of the meninges,

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It takes but little time to make this pelvic examination, the woman is not exposed,

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how to cure them." The effects of the imagination in its cure are well displayed

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Suppuration of the whole joint may follow, the capsule i^upture, and finally we

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Therapeutics), in his treatment of acute bronchitis :

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used only in serious cases where immediate results are needed, and where other

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Ext. Colocynth Comp. ...1 1-4 Gr. n^a. Some twenty-five years ago that

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door exercise. The general constitutional symptoms and the local

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to take knife and scissors and remove so much of the tissues as may be diseased,

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laws, provide that a dividend shall not be declared or paid

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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend f 2 per cent., $45,954 05 1 gg 202 11

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Therefore^ Resolved^ That this society hereby express their high appreciation

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rupee per tola ; it was identical with the salajit of

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stages of kidney inflammations into a large number of postmortem distinctions.

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had he vomited, nor complained of nausea ; the res-

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It is important that every case of diabetes should, from the

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success in the cure of Rheumatism, where all other remedies

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No. 1. (fig. 78 in the Catalogue) contains — No. 1.

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M . D. , clinical professor of diseases of children in the hospital at the University of Pennsylvania; Phy-

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Hygiene. as he has been relieved of such disability.

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Lowell. 2. Extract from Letter to Dr. Forbes. 3. Rebecca

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child; and the worst features is, that the physician who gives it is

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subjects, and therefore cannot be advanced as absolutely conclusive,

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