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to eighteen, inclusive, shall be a special deposit m such

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of the Children's Hospital; Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; and member of

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periments to show that one attack preserves from a second. A miti-

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Flat Top Medicine Trunks, made of Russet Bridl-e Leather,

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it became more evident that the local affection was of syphilitic origin. On

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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 116

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some satisfaction that the discovery will put a crown upon the

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the first successful operation of this kind, in this

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For secondary symptoms the following is recommended: —

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nothing to be left undone that might afford any hope, I opened the abdomen and

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with which they are deposited shall give a receipt therefor

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II Comptes Keudus, Ivii, 1864, pp. 230 and 386, quoted m LesBacterioa, p. 128;

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Loum Snow, President. William H. Pitman, Treasurer.

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such a desirable appointment as that of Dr. Billings for Surgeon-

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Thompson, J. W., some uses of chlorate of potassse,

amarda - valium hd

means of combating excessive thirst after abdominal operations.

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which transfigured her in her sleep. Her pallor had become whiteness ; her

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or where they are in great numbers, give from 5 to 8 (or even

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removal, 64 ; ovarian, 115 ; multiple, of leg, 248 ;

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to obstruction of common bile duct may ^he object of medical treatment is not

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MONDAY, September 2d, 1861, at 10 A.M. The lectures will

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tion certain. This view seemed the more reasonable, as Davaine 1| had

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butter, honey, borax — these are used for helping

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velvet garments, often showing their rings upon their fingers or

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supra-pubic lithotomies with four deaths. Three lateral lithotomies vdth no

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condition is traumatic neurasthenia. Both of these neuroses are cur-

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brought out, especially vaso-motor paralysis and paralytic distension of the heart

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proves not one whit less virulent in its properties than an exudation

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as it assures more rapid assimilation. It is not our desire to go into the study of

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that the mortality from diphtheria in New York, after the introduction of antil

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and filled with a fairly wann — 103°-105° — solution of bi-

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sloughing. He recommends the following combination to pro-

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Third District. Conference on Medical Legislation of the

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of cranial nerves, in the classifications of Willis and Sommering, can be deter-

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Repeat the process seven times. The lead will be turned to

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with equal parts of sol. ferri persulph. and carbolic acid, again dried

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brain working upon an inferior level, producing a consciousness of an inferior

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surgeon, unless he is bold and fortunate in having early access to the case, is

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several offices until others are chosen and qualified in their i894,'3i7,'§i3.

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sore throat, was my diagnosis — but I soon after learned, or knew, it to be the new

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inches by 4 inches, putting on three or four layers, and then at once

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It was the reviewer's lot for three years after graduation to teach the ancient

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