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structures is avoided. The aim should , , , • , .
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be given in a better or more convenient form than is offered in ''Antikamnia and
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deodorizing powers, inhibits pus-formation, and stimulates granu-
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chicken muscle to stand three to eight months in contact with atmos-
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Massachusetts — J. G. White, Dr. J. Burnham, with encl. ; Dr.
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operation would be cases of diffuse peri- appendix, may become general early
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always deeply interested me, and in connection with which I have
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absence of inoculation gave rise to ephemeral cases of hip disease which rapidly
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containing 5 or 10 grains of carbolic acid, 1 or 2 drachms of fluid
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from each teat ; this milk is very watery and of little value, but it may
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in such a way as to foster the idea of dependence on the physician. This is well,
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fever has proved remarkably successful. The treatment con-
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Medium and mild degree cases should receive treatment re-
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bilateral ones either very little or not «all, the mobility of the femur upon the
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visha (poison), va«hi (fire) and mala (dirt, dregs)
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thor uses diplosal as a prophylactic for the Abderhalden reaction is described as
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is added and the whole beaten up in the mortar into a light,
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was an increase of 34.85 per cent, from 1870 to 1880, while there
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meals, Jasting two or three hours, ac- stomach warm compresses over the gall-
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insert even the tip of the finger. Thinking that the labor had gone on long
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solution^ and is preserved by the addition of 0.5 per cent, chlore-
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Gea £. de Schweinitx, A.M., M.D., Professor of Ophthalmolotry Jefferson Medical College, and
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I have never found a free afler-birth caught by the contraction ring. Further, I