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drugs. Irving S. Haynes gives a short article on new inventions (illustrated).
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vitality of an organ, or of the whole body, is greatly diminished by
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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Rate of Interest.
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QUIZ-COMPENDS NO. 5. A Compend of Obstetrics, especially adapted to
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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :
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manganate, 3 parts; sodium salicylate, 2 parts; rice powder,
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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : first Tuesday in January
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It possesses all the sedative, anodyne, and anti-spasmodic powers of Opium
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cases the effect of these small doses has been simply wonderful.
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The following is a valuable prescription for malaria when
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cases an abscess with finally good recovery. In other cases a greater degree of
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Concerning epileptic automatism it is important to remember that during its
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