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Fourth.— The Mulford Fluid Extract of Digitalis was 50 per cent more active

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One other distinction might be mentioned in relation to shock. In that due

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tents; indeed, 20 pages have been devoted to this latter topic. We do not

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Open for business every business day except Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; Saturdays,

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so indistinct that it was difficult to make out their outline, and in other

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his regular fare, vou were required to pay saw some with scars from goitre opera-

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JuDELL, Malvina Irma, 4999, Alameda, Med. Dept. Uviv. Cal., May 17, 189S.

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Medicine and Bachelor of Philosophy. He immediately, upon his

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therefore, not commenced, and two days had been allowed for the de-

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Ninth. Such corporation may hold real estate acquired acquired^

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N. T., is the publisher, and will send both works at the prices

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fected places that have not been treated with the solutions. My ex-

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Uebergange indischer Astronomie nach Bagdad haben sich

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his duty to so secure him as to prevent him injuring himself or

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rar. G. B. Hammond, with encl., ; Per John Hiiime, Drs. D.

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uncommcndable. Unfortunately it is too late now to suggest, and we

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suggests that it be tied a little lower down — of

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Small doses of mercury and potassium iodide are a very

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for each school house to have a room each for boys and girls, into which open the

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removed the whole uterus. After ligating both broad ligaments with one or two

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tion of the fingers through the abdominal incision causes the peritoneum to

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not improve we concluded to drain. The next pointed in the right epigastric

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4. That those who had marked pelvic lesions, two had never complained of

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scope, and if of the latter type the growth that a greater and more sustained im-

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more or less mottled. At intervals are minute depressions as if from dilated glands

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tract infection alone gives very slow passage of bile from the gall-bladder, pa-

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UTERINE DERANGEMENTS.— I have used A1.ETRIS Cordial in my prac-

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according to the location of the joint. The symptoms of the disease I shall not

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front of where it is seen rising from the chest, two inferior thy-

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extreme tight lacing of our fair countrywomen, do at times cause fainting, etc.,

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of Rain? (Barron's Life of Jenner, V. 1, p. 22) is quoted, and the

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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend ) 1| per cent., $110,765 60 ) ^oqi sq2 04

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1. Pure uterine congestions, 2 cases ; one cured in two days, the other in six.

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Conclusions from such experiments are evidently so unsafe that I finally

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expectoration continue the same; temperature 99 F. in afternoon. Aug. 16.

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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-

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