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The recent meeting of the State Society at Fresno was well attended
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Dr E, Spooner. Pennsylvania — Lindsay & Blakiston; Dr. J. B.
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3. Refrain from scarifying the gums with the idea that dentition is a patho-
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logical laboratory. Serum diagnosis, both for diphtheria and typhoid
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he uses intra-uterine formalin douches, 1:500, every 12 hours, followed by hydro-
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are, with every systole of the heart, tending to carry more and more
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time. He has confirmed the conclusions of previous observers that the
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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Rate of Interest.
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the case of the symptoms. After the ^^^^^^ ^j^^ blood. Samples, clinical data
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With the exception of the bodies last mentioned, the appearance of
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Pepper and Stengel's r^um^ of general medicine ; Keen and DaCosta's review
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people, in irremediable stiffening of the fingers, thumb and wrist-joint.
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tists can take impressions of the mouth, fit in rubber dams, etc., that would
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The halyards of the compound pulleys ard now slackened by the nurse, the
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1. Cultivation on slides. — March 10, five slides were prepared by putting
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of John Albert de Man'delso from Persia into the East Indies.
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heart, liver or kidneys, was called scrofula. This term has been in use for, I
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ing them in the mean time from those who do not react, anpl to comply with all