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thickened and nodular. The patient was put upon large doses of duo-peptonate,
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possible the physician shall be sure that the remedies ordered are
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fifteen minutes. Both remained in good health till September 17, when
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The following cases of insanity have come under my observation within the last
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Value, by books, of real estate, held or owned by foreclosure orjotherwise, $12,064 31
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issue bonds for same, to be submitted to a vote of the people.
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middle of the spring, about six inches down the back. When the clothing is
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still, no doubt, very considerable. Our confidence in the remedy
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Paraldehyde is said to produce sound, refreshing sleep, with
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pensation, without the aid of ordinary political or partisan methods.
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arrival, report by letter to that officer, and await
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migrainous or due to other causes. Dr. S. Solis-Cohen continues to prescribe the
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shall require a new bond in such amount and with such
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port. This elongation remains after ligation of the veins. Vario-
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pigeon-toes the result of an instinctive turning in of the toes to avoid receiving
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both patients the knee-jerks were exaggerated and ankle clonus was present.
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while the tibia was greatly curved. The foot had only three metatarsal bones
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warm bath at 90® F., by the warm wet pack or by sponging. Ice bags to the head