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Any recruit should be rejected who ex- be taught to wash and dry their feet
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Charles E. Adams, President. N. G. Lamson, Treasurer.
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one thing we are assured, and that is of the extremely small size of the
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'•Diseases of the Male Urethra'* should have been re-penciled by the editor to
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should rest in the recumbent posture for about half an hour
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Open for business every business day except Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m ; Saturdays,
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1894, si7, § 23. tract by which such loan purports to be made; but the
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the facilities offered for the rapid transportation of patients from the field of bat-
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latter sense there are many injuries to the eye which may be called wounds, and
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parable to that met with in the circulating blood or the nutrition liquids
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Vacuum tubes were filled with blood and abdominal effusion and hermet-
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The whole will be sold for $3000, the incumbent wishing to
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the child was annoyed, surprised, or in any way excited, the brain became
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bile, with encl. New Jersey — Dr. P. Lapham; Dr. G. R. Bob-
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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : May 1 and November 1 ;
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neither should feel offended but be satisfied by the observance of the ordinary
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TriepoTt CoTci-irLls sioTLex of A^TiCTxlt-uiT-e Cox 1880.
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of alcohol can be extracted from thirty kilogrammes (80 lbs.) of
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The following outline of treatment in acute rheumatism is
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"" Melt tin in an earthen pot and to the molten metal add an equal
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were in his pasture, the animals being his own and valuable. He shot his dogs
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Baalis Sanford, President. Charles C. Crooker, Treasurer.