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points to be borne in mind. First, that not all cases of puerperal fever are due

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Then, the other player must put all cards of that suit on the table.

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Section 45. If a corporation holding such fund sur- Funds to be

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"The Frequency and Curability of Tuberculosis" concludes with the aphorism,

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Frequent bathing of the whole body is necessary. We have an uncommon activ-

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gation of yellow fever through a foul city from a single infected victim

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circumstances of the case. The dressing should be kept perfectly dry and left

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curs in dry dressings, nor does it macerate the tissues as do

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front of where it is seen rising from the chest, two inferior thy-

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with white froth; hyxierajmia of nearly all the lymphatic glands.

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after being fourteen days in the infected coop and died on the fifteenth

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ity during pregnancy of the excretory organs, and nothing is more likely to

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amputation. Perhaps Dr. Davidson overdid the scrubbing. After a post-mortem

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five cases are reported. A few operative cases bled freely, but

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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-

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round the very painful corns with a special ring of wool or a

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the present day the number has been greatly diminished, but it is

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ble; not less than thirty minutes before the operation, and all the time possible

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the uterus, to re-establish normal circulatory conditions, and thus favor the

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Marshall Calkins, Dr. B. F. Wilson, Dr. W. W. Comstock. Dr. E.

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return the intestine. This was about 11 o'clock in the forenoon. As it did not

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the American Medical Association, Sep- necessarily so.

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morning he walked, played tennis snd ten pins and talked with several people. ,

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