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The patient should not be put on a restricted diet with the idea, as advanced by a
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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend f 1% per cent., $69,256 89 ) ,». 2 sn fift
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Applied locally to the affected areas the author recommends
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pure carbonate of soda), until by fusion of the salt
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be used in cold sponging as in tepid. It will, however, be found
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own detriment. When your services are demanded and yon are doubtful about
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and 127) and the last work distinctly mentions brass
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the flat alluvial banks of rivers, on deltas, &c., the poison is preserved
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digestive and assimilative functions are restored to their
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caused by some arrest of development during intra-uterine life.
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jected increasing the blood-pressure, but must arise from the hetero-
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ducts of their laboratory, including preparations of the newer reme-
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relieve it. I put Mr. B. on Sanmetto, teaspoonful three times a day. He has
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commonwealth and resident therein : provided, that the ism, 317, § 21,
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externally applied, to insure contraction and prevent inversion; and
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and all such corporations, whenever incorporated, shall be
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mia. Latterly, for several months, he suflFered from persistent pain
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ing it with water and bandaging the moistened splint form over the part
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there was generally a history of inherited syphilis.
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addition of Mellin's food to the diet, the twice-daily massage.
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It was hoped that by comparing the effects of such agents upon this or- ■
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case of other pigs, this produced a smart attack of the disease, but in
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'^9. The results of Alexander's operation are so good that even when there are
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The astragalus isalso affected to a slightextent, but radical procedures are not thought
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form of apparatus which did not, as all the instruments now in use did, subject
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and railroad property actually in the possession of and
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New lork, 1J15. author's easy style, faculty of clear ex-
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prevail, and that they will allow it to cease, before much harm is
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ly ransacked by scholars, both European and Indian.
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should be regulated when there is any constitutional disturb-
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found about fifty hogs running in a large wood lot through which flowed
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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 610
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Date of examination by commissioners : October 27, 28.
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absence of inoculation gave rise to ephemeral cases of hip disease which rapidly