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or ballast when landed establish so many centers of infection wherever

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Incorporated March 1, 1842. Present number of corporators, 16.

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trated with 372 cuts. The author aims to treat the subject of pathology in as

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developed is well out of the way and so the work goes on and doctors multiply.

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differentiated. Owing to the close rela- t^ .• . 1 u i. 1 + +

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complete on the opposite side of the lesion, complete hemiplegia

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from the meatus back to the attachment of the growth. Through

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many calciiun-oxalate crystals. Physiologically this deposit

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sufficiently large to allow us to remove three calculi, the conjoined

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section six of chapter one hundred and thirteen ; and if

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of our school-men, and that every deviation from it is a mistake.

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Is it any wonder that such a state of morals exists as is to be found in many

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bile was injected into the blood direct, while the urine showed no

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hernia. They are almost always unilateral and more frequent on the right side. They

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bank examiner, if possible, that their visits shall be simul- ™®> jj^ 3

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contamination. If the surgeon is con- Laxative waters hnd an explanation of

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objectionable at a time when nature's best efforts are required to combat the mor-

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thalmic goitre. The results were : ist. A great lessening of the exophthalmos.

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Flat Top Medicine Trunks, made of Russet Bridl-e Leather,

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which is liberatedj is itself a colourless gas, but it

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I he rule of etiquette, which reserves to the senior

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Resolved^ That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the Practitioner for

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When the haemorrhoids are small with general congestion,

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has shown that the serum of putrid pus has toxic qualities which,

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his face, with its fine line, is unlike the English visage of to-day, and

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on the mouth, and did not care to give chloroform for fear that blood

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article on vaccination cuts out the discussion of vaccino-syphilis. The new edition

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repeated births of girls before the treatment. In all, out of seven recorded cases,

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soft they should be subjected to manipulation, and the child should be kept in

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jected increasing the blood-pressure, but must arise from the hetero-

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suture to the treatment of vesico-vaginal fistules, which together

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1. The theory of unorganized ferments. — The first step toward estab-

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air passages, as nasal diphtheria gives more solicitude than any other form,

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Toronto, Canada London, England Mexico City Australia: James Bell & Co., Melbourne

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can most positively be overcome by the following: —

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patient or physician to detect, yet malignant a differential diagnosis be made. Both are

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down on the scapula ; laid it all open and away behind on the scapula, I took out

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death. . Of course, in such cases the emetic is not given for its effect

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