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lo the iutroductory part of the work the author treats of symptomatology,

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ness within this commonwealth, as provided in chapter

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Schwalbe, aAer obtaining satisfactory results, argued thatiif alcoholism could give

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Dr. M. R. Toland, of San Jacinto, has opened a sanitarium in that

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favorably. After a practice of twenty-nine years I have no hesitancy in saying

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is very proDable that in a certain number aminations never practiced, except in ex-

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attack of hog cholera is relative and not absolute ; that the system suf-

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this chapter shall include institutions for savings incor-

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— This figure represents a portion of a slight cut

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Pitch, Chas. C., 4910, Visalia, Beaumont Hosp. Med. Coll., Mo., Mar. ao, 1890.

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Compound Cordial of Cod Liver Oil is a most admirable and available preparation

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properties of PNEUMO-PHTHYSINE '^''"''S, f'''^' ^^^^ ^ P^^/^^^^^"^

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was a primary blood poison, and the fibrinous exudation upon the mucous mem-

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authority could not be disregarded. Ricord's influ-

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were here for many months before'the fact was ascertained. There

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up of all thoughts and feelings that belong to me as a mere indivi-

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tents; indeed, 20 pages have been devoted to this latter topic. We do not

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be referred to anterior surface of chest ^ ,, . u * ^

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No. 2, containing 7 1 lUoz. Ground Stot>. Bottles,

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of complete extirpation of the gall-bladder with resection of the liver for malig-

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cles — until it comes within a line or one-twelfth