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sometimes temporary and sometimes lasting. In hemoptysis we recommend
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Dr. Cobb, of Goldsborough, N. C, and taken into my private
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unknown causation, occurring in a young man, 25 years of
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function, for promoting the active elimination of uric acid and to calm the
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vear. Dr. Albert Anderson, Raleigh, N. o^^^y- , Sh^e recovered slowly and in
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after the first appearance of the book. It is certainly one of the most concise and
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Now, if the conclusions we have reached are correct, we should
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Dr. A. M. Phelps said that at the beginning of the treatment, the patient
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carefully dried. By this each diseased patch is stained a darker
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years had elapsed after the close of the civil war before the invention of hypoder-
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ovaries and tubes may have been removed, and that the chance for the appearance
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dermically if the pain is unbearable, and apply lead-and-opium
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true position and held there, by fixing the extension, until the plaster of Paris
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4®=* It is not often we indulge in poetry, but the following
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