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amenorrhoea (especially uncomplicated oligochromfleniia). It

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Prompt remittances from subscribers are absolutely necessary to

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Flat Top Medicine Trunks, made of Russet Bridle Leather.

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\ in '96 and '97 in Boston, Councilman, Wright and Mallory succeeded in find*

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In amputation for injury through the shaft of a long bone the perioateam may

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of England who seized from time to time with attacks of dipsoma-

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illustrating this subject I must draw upon the cases I have given in the

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Contains many clusters of micrococci, also bacilli and their spores — some of the rods

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Dr. C. L. S., Wisconsin. — Certainly, a direct violation of the

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Incorporated Feb. 28, 1854. Present number of corporators, 32.

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the adhesions by using pressure, al- A local anesthetic to be of service must

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within thirty-six hours, the urine being loaded with albumen." —

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Earth, and let into them small Rivulets, as much water as will

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tri lion with enlarged glands and anemia; cases of lymphadenitis, in which we

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D., LL. D., pro fessor o f medicine and-^ thfis a ^itfirs, at the. New York post-(|;ntdnat«^Medical

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greater severity and longer duration, often accompanied by pelvic cellulitis and

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witchcraft. To support this accusation, several witnesses swore that the prisoner

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permanent relief is often obtained by its persistent use, but always where there are

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the first of May last. The instituted clinical exami-

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deduces the following figures, showing the distribution of blood in the various

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when it is taken by the stomach; wherein the difference in action between its hy-

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century, of which I give a translation. It occurs in an old Italian