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In securing the arm the use of a long strip of adhesive plaster, fixing the limb

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great assistance in securing asepsis during operations which are not liable to be

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same pen with a sick one, or inserted a single drop of the virulent

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The time which has elapsed since the to those ill-defined symptoms the efifect

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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 18,240

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had learned his merit, and had this year unanimously chosen him

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understood. Slight pressure on the diseased parts is suflBcient to produce con-

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the discount of commercial or business paper actually

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ed good even in the palace that it was. En- ing along many walk ways, isles and cor-

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and allowed to reach below the trochanters. The patient is then removed to rest

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from various parts of the world having from gall bladder infection cannot al-

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Maximum velocity of wind, direction, und date, 15m, W.,

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Labor — Dr. C. A. Julian, Thomasville, N. 55. Hernia of the Ovary, Tube and

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prizeman to shame in the sick-room. Like a tennis-player,

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No. 4, containing 201J4OZ. Ground Stop. Bottles and

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amount of morphine. Iced water injections into the rectum, or pieces of ice

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have already seen to be essential to the preservation and increase of

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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 166

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water and air, charged with a certain amount of moisture, determined

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five to the " sterility of twin sisters," has drawn

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considered as rods) form zooglcea masses, though Eay Lunkester and

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in the A'in^^A'kbari un^er the ** Method of Refining

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diseased patient.*' A specialist ever keeping these broad facts in view can never