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dirty test-tubes and specimens that need filtration.

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will be found an extremely valuable adjunct in the treatment.

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Case 2. — Distension with Softening of the Exter-

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Estimates for Physicians' Outfits to cost $50 and $100.

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these cases the report would be misleading and discouraging.

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Vierordt, AC. O., Professor of medicine at the University of Leipzii; ; late professor of medic ne and

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who is well skilled in the Hindu methods of killing metals.

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a last farewell to liberty, both civil and religious !

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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 1,696

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of Alexandria,not to speak of Damietta, Burba, Samanoud,Mansourah

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fit or follow it. It is sometimes shown in the way of doing silly things after a fit.

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The first part of the Summary of Medical Sciences will be ready April 1st, and will be published semi-annually. Each part

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weeks old. There was normal fullness of the right side, while the left side,

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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds

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show little tendency, unaided, to heal. In the superficial fistula the external

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The object of the Course will be to extend an opportunity to

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*Read before the Doctors' Social Club, February, 189S.

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sixth of an inch, evidently caused by the confluence of several smaller ones.

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This case came under my observation in July of this year, when I found her

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ache.*' The nervous headache and irritable condition of the busy business man is

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Eden D. Shaw, President. H. A. McFarland, Treasurer.

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he was engaged as a farm laborer. He showed me some reddish

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The second indication is profuse menorrhagia or metrorrhagia, when there are

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to 2 per cent, is employed, and it is always used by instillation.

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