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rator is well aware of the fact that the female bladder is a highly sen-

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sufficiently for the total extirpation of the organ. The first, and, so far, only

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Children take it readily, as it is not unpleasant. The same

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On January 27, 1898, I removed the uterus, ovaries and tubes through the

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the strength will admit ; a walk of from four to five

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ration and the other gradually filled in by granulations.

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the time of a fit and the titmost tact is necessary in managing them. Th^a char-

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as supported it and rejecting those opposed; but, on the contrary, I

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making it appear that the ears have muscles of accommodation quite analagous

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ajfected. This result may be more or less misleading, however, since,

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cent reagents— picric acid, brine, double iodide of mercury and

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the day not having the necessary skill to eflect a cure. John Astone tells us that

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this space is not promptly affordeo, they will burrow under the derma, covering

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Biliary Calculus, obstructing the neck of the gall-

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from the Gold," Blochamann^s trans. Vol. i. pp. 20-25.

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due to Dr. Scheppegrell. I was led into the error by finding what I quoted in

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of the eye, he would be a public benefactor ? Xo doubt, it would

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Bull, de I'AcAd. de M^d. Paris, May 5, 1896 and May 11, 1897. ,

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its irritation accelerates the absorption of the acid.

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Date of examination by commissioner : March 19, 20.

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increased during the later applications, until the proportion of arsenic in the

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not known it to come on in less than one and one-half hours, and

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noting scrupulously on his ledger all that related to monetary ques-

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cause of the menstrual nisus, and this he would not deny; but it also

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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 424

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What, that boy sick yet? The doctor ought to have broken that fever up by this

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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : January 1 and July 1 ;

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(R^)n>*^ meeting, Jan. 7, 189S, the president in the chair.)

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the Charaka and the Bower Ms. ; the only difference

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tance is meant] . It is yellow and of leafy structure

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Several of the follicles of the tonsils are overdistended with a yellow granular ma-

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of the stomach's action. While the pro- ilize a filtered water varies exceedingly,

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In cases of engorgement of the cervix-uteri they afford marked relief; in fact,

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ened room where the patient was isolated, was insured, and a revul-

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Brewer's yeast, a teaspoonful in milk once or twice daily,

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