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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year

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The F. A. Davis Co., Publishers, 1914-16 Cherry St., Philadelphia; 117 W. Forty-Second 8t, New

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Trbmpbr, R. H., 490a, OnUrio, Med. Dept. Univ. Mich., June 30, 187$.

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but after this it should be resumed at full strength.

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quite naturally, no interference, medical or other, is necessary

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Professor Emeritus of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in Harvard

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be sterile and at a temperature of ioi° to 105^ F.

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and to assist in the removal of prejudices against its use which still exist, to some

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institution, in consequence of increasing infirmities

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Incorporated April 6, 1855. Present number of corporators, 31.

valium bad dreams

Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year

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D. Schoalcs; Dr. J. II. Simins, Del.; Dr. G. J. Stetler. By T. G.

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A DEATH occurred recently at Needles by poisoning from an oleander.

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In the way of general or systemic treatment of ordinary

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Burnham's Soluble Iodine has no detri- justice to ourselves and in view of the

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interested, as to the effects of tobacco upon the animal economy.

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U. S. Weather Bureau, San Diego; Hugh D. Vail, Sahu Barbara; A. Ashenberger, M. B. DeVane,

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