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matter in what direction the big levtr is thrown, the small one constantly approx-

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to suffer or left to die by the physician of the meagre pharmacopeia.

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Pepper and Stengel's r^um^ of general medicine ; Keen and DaCosta's review

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It possesses all the sedative, anodyne, and anti-spasmodic powers of Opium

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months should induce you to satisfy your patient of his safety.

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iD Fiff 14. There were now many leucocytes visible where their presence

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In the treatment of eczema Pick has found salicylic acid to give

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hour until the stools become bilious was also found to be effective

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"** Les mots esprits, corps , antes, sont fr^quemment employes par

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making their therapeutic products aud the health of the animals

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deals with that which engages to so large an extent the attention of the general

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sible quality of being so worded as to not only give information, but at the same

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W, Bftatt, M. J. AfcChj Granger, J. II. Wilson, Lybraudt, Manly,

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Value, by books, of real estate, held or owned by foreclosure or otherwise, $25,156 36

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and by the filthy personal habits and imperfect public sanitation

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The guttural and parotid lymphatic glands are two or tlitee times their natural size,

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and sweet oil, and heated it. Saturated tampons with the mixture and applied to

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heated steam, and the temperature is so high that no germs can possi-

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When yon discover these people, be truly a Good Samaritan to them. Their grat-

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Professor Emeritus of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in Harvard

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dread by one whom words chiseled in stone testify was a non-medical man. It

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delphia. J. Mitchell Bruce, M D., P. R. C. P., London, England, physician to and lecturer on

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ters: The chapter on Conception and Generation and the one on Puerperal Bac-

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beneficial diarrhoea set in, lasting two or three days, when it

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be particularly interesting to those of us devoted to this branch of our profession.

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of the uterus if used sufficiently early. Ordinary douches and

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this time when there seems to be a prevalence of it and its allied complaints. The

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find a surplus of some numbers, of which some of our collabo-

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expected to find an abscess neatly walled off to itself, but no pus was found. The

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After each meal a diabetic should rinse his mouth and cleanse his