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transferred to wooden tubs, is covered with water for half a day,
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(Meeting^ af February 17, 1S98. Dr. E. P. Janeway, President of the Academy, in the chair.)
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Thf above are only a few of the notices of the work which the Publisher has received. Without an exception the Medical
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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 926
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uremia a few days later. Autopsy revealed multiple abscesses in both kidneys
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faculty to a serviceable degree. In such cases it is evident that sensation, while
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ing morphological differentiation frequently impossible.
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urethral tissue having been freshened up, the two surfaces were
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versary of Dr. Remondino, the thirty-second of Dr. R. J. Gregg, the
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copious, drying in crusts on some parts, but presenting open ulcera-
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series of American text-books, will be most sought after, for its subject matter
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titles of the chapters : I. Nature and varieties of neurasthenia. II. Evolution
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Medical Journal, from August, 1858, to November 1862, inclusive.
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sit down for a few moments and then walk on; if at home he would lie on the
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Detailed Statement of Railroad Bonds — Concluded.
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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 1 2 per cent., 24,810 96 i
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the American Medical Association,*' and greatly admired. It is a most beautiful
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The question was how to open^^we dissected up two ribs from free border until
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Experiments I^os. 2 and 4 prove, then, that the liquid pressed from
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mercy, as with firm, light, elastic step, a steady,
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60 shares Merchants National Bank, Newburyport, .... $1,200 00
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typhus. Hear what a California writer gravely states : *' I saw four men af one
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cough with bromoform ; if that fails, I try antipyrin, then belladona, and finally
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point, if I may so say, in my career as a student of
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For it always seemed to us, either that the year should begin with
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sponge the temperature may fall from 1 to 6 degrees; the
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not a few cases present no svmptoms at all, or at best very equivocal signs of the
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the time, minimizing the danger, and rescuing it from the bungling and barbar-
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as they presented themselves. One of the cases which was cured
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growth of the tibia is keeping up with that of the fibula ; and that the increase in
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