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you be also. No man, old or young, knows everything in medicine. The field
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The cases in which it was used were young persons : —
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rather suddenly by asphyxia and death. Autopsy showed a relro-pharyngeal
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reasons : the birds were from a lot known to be susceptible to the dis-
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enlarged to provide for a member from community and his advice and counsel
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list of these, has singularly enough produced the opposite result from
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American Medical Congress, a request that, in consequence of the then existing
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Publishing Association and consolidated These additions have resulted in a some-
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1, -u-:-^ 4.1 ^ r 4. • u membranes of the stomach, due to both
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referred to later), should not bar operation, providing there is a fair chance of the
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in support of the statement made, that arthrcctomy is not often a sufficient pro-
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the mother, seenied to indicate that the immunity conferred upon the
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was intense, so much so that he was unable to sleep at night.
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terms it appears to me that, while both are objectionable, metria is
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Dr. W. P. Welborn ; Dr. P. C. Eckleman. Kansas— Dr. A. Wood-
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on or before the fifteenth day of January of each year
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•RcAtl before the Los Anipeles County Medical Association, April i, iSgS.
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which for so long has been known under the names of puerperal
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him to return to his physician, insisting that nothing more could be done. My
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the bell, wraps and head covering being denied them. Is this the proper care
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in the New England states and incorporated under the
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only theoretically correct, but practical. This is the plan so common in the
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experience in tb!& branch of Mechanical Surgery, and who has
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very extensively to the Medical Profession during the past
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Many Physicians have requested us to prepare it in a form