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Office Payments.— Dr. A. F. Shelly, Dr. W. Buun. By Mr.

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variety of endeavors have been made to define the difference between gout and

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suspension, with head down, seems to me to be an expedient unnecessary as it is

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For lickets and further information, apply to the subscriber

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It is only those work^ of the lower order that should be prohibited.

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or run some distance. Special sense auree are common, as disagreeable odors,

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ably due to an independent infection, but there is a difference of opinion on this

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child, place it in a warm bath, at the same time making use of

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of McGill Univ., the details of a simple method. His plan was to add to the

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Prurigo. — In this troublesome affection, frequently met with in

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tered freely, and if necessary, strychnine and nitroglycerine.

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Reporter of May 19th, 23d, 26th, and June 9th, 1860, extracts

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Pamphlets, with full descriptions and illustrations, may be

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tion m mortality and the saving of ^f wealth; that has converted some the

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it in that position it is fortunate that this operation has been reserved

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into the tissues behind the bleeding point so as to indudf the tiss»es aroand the

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result of grave, nervous or cardiac change that its recognition should certainly be

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holes ; through one of these passes a glass tube, e, -1^^ inch in diameter,

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to every member of the regular profession in the State whose name

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special chapters on essential surgical subjects; orthopedics; diseases of the eye, ear, nose and

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Professors and lecturers in the leading Medical Colleges cf the United Slates, Germany, Austria,

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a box or safe in the vaults of a domestic corporation

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most calculated to prevent it, and that it often occtus in children

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,word by R. R. S. Vide Bk. ii ; hence repetition is

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young children Phelps* ** Stehbett *' is to be preferred. In the bilateral division

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is to be hoped that it will receive the hearty support of the profession.

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and immediately removed and dipped into melted paraffin or wax, by

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drop. Preparations thus made may be kept under observation one or

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and know it to be an excellent remedy for all the above named diseases. I am

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Fnincis Reder, M.D., St. Louis, Mo. In operations on the hand — ^partial ampu-