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constitutional treatment is rigidly enforced in conjunction with

cuantos valium hacen falta para morir

is perfectly reasonable, and well in general, except the dyspepsia

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very slight wound of th« cornea may be a very serious thing, for they are more

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condensed it is accurate, definite and alive, being drawn from the actual medical

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attention. To such an extent has this portion of education been neglected, of

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The Proprietor will devote his personal attention to tbe Pro-

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ical or cylindrical ? Figs. 20 and 21 show the granules observed by Me-

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In the account of Experiment No. 16, the virus for which was ob-

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graves, was licked by six cattle, all of which promptly perished by

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paratively frequent because of the anxiety of the sick man to get rid of his

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wound. Later, two long incisions were made on either side of the wound and

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beginning to end, it is an out-and-out swindle of the basest

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tion usually follows S3rphilitic infection. Apoplectt-form hemorrhage into the

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mia. Latterly, for several months, he suflFered from persistent pain

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offer it to the profession will be found to meet all these require-

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Iron he employs early. Even after the crisis patients must

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mously enlarged; he came quickly to the surface, and clutched at

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The ligatures which are left long are brought down into the yagina, a piece of

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in a 4 per cent, solution of the extract, had no effect upon it. It was

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vast field of knowledge, I believed that all had been accomplished in our art.

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who, strong in the knowledge that experience alone can give, and firm in the con-

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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Rate of Interest.

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Net income received from same during year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . . 5164

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The following combination is recommended by him: —

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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :

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The particalar form of dysentery associated with liver abscess is that known as

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California, held Nov. 2d, 1897, the following certificates were granted:

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being drawn from them ; but it is equally evident that they apply only

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described by the patient as "My hair is falling out'': —

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vision of people attacking them to kill them, whisperings of a wife's inconstancy

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the external nasal nerve. This nerve, one of the terminal divisions

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four hours. All excess is injurious." This extract will convey some

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