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fever, acute influenza, rhinitis, and in rhinorrhoea,
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aged 50 years, married 10 years, had one child eight years ago. Difficult labor.
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jured. Besides, it will be recollected, that this pa-
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"Worcester North Savings Institution, Fitchburg — Continued.
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aivenite of copper, and >$chwcinfurth-green, aceto-
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If perforation seems probable, instill a few drops of a 4-
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as would appear from the long description, will prove of very great use
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describes his own former paralyzed condition in verse, which, I am sure, will be
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to the different powers of distinct varieties of these organisms, but it
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(i) The author, fortunately for future historians, has given
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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 273
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tilation should be established and thorough cleanliness observed.
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was no difl^erence in the nervous and mental efifects following operations upon the
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play which also won from the jury of award of the exhibition, a gold
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one ounce and a half of absolute alcohol for a healthy adult in twenty-
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and venaj cavro may be said to bo almost destitute of red globules.
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thoroughly. Need never bo removed for bathing, as water will
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the primary cause of the accident, but Kreitmair suspects that the midwife
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in n»<liice inflammation, similarly to the treat-
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In constructing school buildings, beauty as well as health and convenience
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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Bate of Interest.
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taining IJ parts of borax to each part of acid to effect the solution of the latter, and
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I found her as described, with a pulse of 128, respiration 28 and temperature
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To ventilate the question the results of Pasteur and Buchner arc
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was reinstated from its displaced position and, in my opinion, relieved, not
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which we furnish to subscribers to the Reporter gratis, on the
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the presence of other substances, may result in the
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cystitis and frequent micturition ; cleaning out any remaining placental
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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend f If per cent., $47,300 71 1 q. -o 7 lfi
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caused by inoculating dogs with anthrax fluids, found that m many
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in the framing, the wide experience of the author in the accidents of labor, enables
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printed from the N". Y. Medical Record. New York: John J.
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drug houses, and the table shows that May 8, 19U, page 1137, which being a
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cider, and it is more wholesome, because free from decomposition
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and all danger of infection from this source is avoided. It also avoids approach-
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which dilute phosphoric acid is the best. Some digitalin or strophanthus should
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remedy in hepatic colic, and even in gall-stones. But it has